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Resident Imam Masjid Salahuddin

247 Broadway

Paterson, NJ 07501

(973) 279-4151

Imam A. Quddoos Farra’d was born in Englewood, New Jersey, parents was Catherine and Isaac from Dolphin, Virginia. The Imam attended Lincoln elementary School, Englewood Jr. High School and Dwight Morrow High School. He is the father of 5 daughters – Tyra, Kyra, Catherine, Caroline, Hazel and 1 son - Louis and married to Jillian Olbis Farra’d.

The Imam entered the U.S. Army in 1967 & had training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, Fort Jackson, SC, Fort Linen wood, Missouri and was certified as a Combat engineer – where he was shipped to Viet Nam and served with the 1st Infantry Division then the 1st Calvary Division promoted to Sergeant and returned to the states with numerous Medals holding the Bronze Star – where he was trained as a Drill Sargent and trained troops, while processing out of military he became the Minister (NOI) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas - his service completed with an Honorable discharge. He moved to Temple No. 7 in New York City.

He pursued his academic standing by attending (Suny) State University of New York. He further pursued para legal courses and became a certified para legal in NJ/NY. He worked for the City of New York as an Eligibility Specialist/social worker for the Department of Social Services.

In 1975 he made the transition from the Nation of Islam to the Leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed where he became an assistant Imam under Imam Ali Rasheed of Masjid Malcolm Shabazz and further becoming a volunteer Chaplain in the New York State Prison system and coordinating the Dawah effort of the North East Region. He pursued his Islamic education as a student of Imam W.D. Mohammed, and other associates - Sheikh Ahmad Rifa’I , Imam Ali Rasheed, Imam Ameer Pasha Salahuddin, World Muslim League, he studied under Sheikh Chebli (Study of Arabic), Sheikh Mahmood (Study of Hadith & Classification) and Imam Rafiq (Study of Tawheed).